Thursday, March 15, 2012

straight hair

I've always really wanted straight hair, it looks so pretty down. When I wear mine down it has to much volume, it gets knotted a couple minutes after I brush my hair. I wish my hair was like this girls. I really want my hair cut a little under my shoulders but my mom said i can't model with short hair.


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  1. You can totally get that hair! All it takes is a good flat iron and a product that will protect your hair from the heat. Dry your hair, pull it up into sections, spray your heat protector product and flat iron small sections at a time. Comb your hair as you iron it. You can find demo videos on youtube. My hair is naturally curly. It took me years to figure out how to properly use a flat iron but now I love my hair straight. The key is buying a good flat iron. Any hairstylist could help you in picking the right one. Hopefully you'll have your dream hair in no time!