Friday, January 7, 2011

Tween designer

There is a 10yr old designer Cecilia Cassini that has her own line of 
clothing for tweens.........

I am jealous. That is all have to say about that.

XOXO Scootch


  1. OMGsh! I love this girl!! (and your cute li'l blog too :P)
    Mariah, Brinlee and Asia got those Kidorable umbrellas for Christmas and Brinlee said some kids in her class said she looked like a baby carrying the bumble bee one. I told her to tell them that they don't know what's hip then. Am I right?! I love those!!!

  2. If anyone can be a young's YOU! With the creativity that your mom has passed along to you and your interest in're on your way. Follow your dream girl!